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Simons Petroleum, Inc. is a second generation family and veteran owned business, started by Harry and Amparita Simons in 1961.

The owner/manager is Pat Simons, who has been in the business for 30 years. The main office is at 530 West Roosevelt Hwy in Shelby, Montana. The Cut Bank facility is at 813 West Railroad.
Bulk wholesale facilities are operated in both Shelby and Cut Bank to deliver fuel in the Glacier, Toole, Pondera and Liberty County areas. Conoco lube oils are stocked in both locations.

Our customers include agriculture, oil exploration, construction, railroad and various other segments of the local economy.

Simons Petroleum is branded Sinclair at its cardloc which you can use all major credit cards or the Simons cardloc card for monthly billing in Shelby or Cut Bank, Montana. Contact the office for more information

Shelby Office
1-800-464-2431 Toll Free
 Local 1-406-434-2431 
530 West Roosevelt Hwy
Shelby, Montana 59474
Email simonspt@3rivers.net

Cut Bank Office
1-800-464-2431 Toll Free

Local 1-406-873-4612
813 West Railroad
Cut Bank, Montana 59427